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Coursework – Text Response

Reading your article on how texting is wrecking our language, it has become very clear that you are afraid of change; you do not like the Internet; you do not like how are language is changing. Your surroundings will not stay the same, neither will your lifestyle, or your world, that’s a fact and you have no control over that somethings you won’t like and others you will. So just like how your surroundings will change so will your language, but I’m afraid sir, everything will always be changing you can not avoid it.

Over the years the Internet has become used more, and more and more benefits are coming from this. Through this websites and apps are becoming multi purpose, so if I need to find a word, instead of looking through a dictionary I can simply search the word on a online dictionary. Now it is easier to stumble across new words just like having a dictionary right in front of yourself, within a click of a button you can search the meaning of your word and then change it to a thesaurus to discover new words.
The only downfall is that you don’t get the feeling and smell of good paper, but not everybody likes that anyway.
Mr.Humphry your problem with how the OED (Oxford English Dictionary) has left the hyphen out in some words of the Oxford English Dictionary. You make it seem as if there was a huge amount of change but really it’s only a tiny section of words from the dictionary. If these words contained hyphens or not, the meaning would not be affected. I believe you are picking at such little changes in this dictionary. No our time has not become so precious that we can not go out of our way to add one little hyphen, but really what is the need? It’s only a tiny problem, if it is even a problem at all. I can see where your argument is coming from, because there was a lot of changes; maybe it is for when people are texting or sending emails. This doesn’t make the people texting and emailing without adding hyphens, vandals.

Since your article in 2007, phones have been dramatically changing and almost everybody uses social media. Due to the change SMS is barely ever used, this gives people the freedom to use as many characters or words as when texting somebody. This has almost put an end to using abbreviations and spelling words with a few letters missing, people may still use some harmless abbreviations such as wuu2 (what you up to) or may cut letters out of words such as your example of thks. You will never find some one texting you IMHO (in my humble opinion), because people would know that this abbreviation is hard one to understand, so they would just type it. Since the evolution of social media and mobile phones have been able to allow better grammar when people are messaging each other. A change which I would believe you may like. Unfortunately for you there are still a growing about of emoticons that we may litter are texts with. Now if you type a semi colon and a bracket next to each other you will not have a smiley face appear, not that you would ever have to do that.

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Descriptive Writing Coursework:

The good and nice side of the countryside

Waking up looking at the ceiling in the old, freezing and dark room, creeping myself out of this great bed. I stand and open the curtains opposite the room, the sun light aiming over the horizon and blinds me, I regain my vision the room is lit up, it doesn’t seem so bad anymore. i look out of the window upon the fields of grass, the flocks of sheep, the herds of cows, the horse galloping on acres and acres of land. it leaves you feeling free and able to go anywhere you want, no one’s going to stop you. such a view with such simplicity only two colours, blue and green. the fields kept going until the eye could see, the depth of life just went on and on. People are not seen, it’s left alone.
The Wonders, the Colours, the Power, the Beauty, the Mystery, the Purity, the Flowers, the Plants, this is Nature, the Great, the Brilliant, Nature.

Ohh no now the sun sinks down through to the dark side of the sky. i’m back to nothing, there’s nowhere to go, but everywhere to hid. you can’t see much further in front of you now darkness has descended upon us. All that i can see is the sprinkle of glitter illuminating the night sky that’s the only thing with me. I’m not free anymore there’s nowhere to go now, im locked alone in a Dark, Abysmal, Little world. This place doesn’t seem so nice anymore. Is nature so great? im not so sure now. Back to bed in my Old, Dark, Freezing room

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IGCSE Coursework – Expository Writing

Is it beneficial for you people to take part in competitive boxing?

Allowing your child to step into a boxing ring and getting hit by another kid, is just stupid. I wouldn’t think many people would be wanting their child having bruises on their face. If you put a couple 5 year olds in a boxing ring not much will happen. The 5 year old with the first punch will just make the other cry.

BUT! On the other hand people like ME disagree with that. They along with me believe that young people should be allowed to compete in competitive boxing. And you can compete in competitive boxing as an amateur. So when you are an amateur boxer there are a lot of restrictions from health and safety these restrictions involve having to wear head gear. So they won’t get exstreamly or get much damage to their face. This will prevent the child getting hurt.

There are many reasons for a child to take part in competitive boxing. Children are not forced into boxing so why not just give them the choice to take part in boxing. This will not turn kids in to thugs who just cause trouble on the street, its more likely going to do the opposite. Its going to keep these kids off the street and out of trouble. So this will be a nock on affect because there will be less crime on the street.

Many young people, especially teenagers tend to build up alot of anger or stress, and then tend to do something stupid e.g. They may get into a fight or an argument or say thing they dont actually mean. So when you allow children to go boxing they can release there anger and it prevents children doing stupid things they don’t mean.

Children love to stay in side now a days and play on their consoles. They barely have a social life so boxing will allow your child to gain friends and not leave him sitting in front of the television playing on the latest gadget. This won’t just lead to your child having a healthy social life it will also lead to a your child getting fitter. As he is with his NEW friends! He will be taking part in an activity so he will become fitter and this will stop your child from getting obese. So when you take away another physical activity from children there will be an increase in child obesity because competitive boxing may be the only sport that a child may want to take part in and if they can’t do that their social and physical health will deteriorate. The government get on parents case because there child is obese so stopping children taking part in a sport is just ridicule.

As these children grow they will be confronted by violence and how will they know what to do in a situation such as this. There’s only one way and that’s learning an activity/sport such as boxing. It’s all well and good learning how to boxing as a closed skill, but competitive boxing is fairly similar to being confronted by boxing; your thrown into a situation where an open skill is involved and you don’t know what’s going to happen so you need to know how to defend your self so you don’t get hurt.

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Creative Writing – First Draft

 May 15th, 2015  
9:00am – 3:10pm 
I have arrived back to school greeted by the school sign saying “Wentworth Secondary School”, on a Monday morning the worst day of the week according to almost everybody. It is only because everybody goes back to school or work if the first day of school or work was a Wednesday everybody would hate Wednesdays. So really its not Monday people hate it’s the work or school that starts on that day. Just like Friday is the day most people like the most, because its when you have a few days away from school or work for a lot of people. So if work ended on a Monday then everybody would love Mondays. 
Any way the first two lessons of the week are a few of my worst Science and then History. Science was terrible we was just learning acid and alkalis it is just boring and I don’t really understand it so I hate it when the teachers moans because I have not got any questions right or even attempted to do it. But I don’t see why I should try to answer a question if I know, I’m not going to do well on. So after that I went to history that lesson wasn’t so bad because we was watching a film about dictatorships mainly focused on Adolf Hitler. 
after break we had pe all the way through till lunch normally in pe we will do a a few different sports and you can choose what to do around the hall but this week we had a football competions there was six teams of seven or eight players. my team had Me, Tom, Alfie, Brandon, Harry, Eddie and Ricky. Alfie and Harry are very good, Tom, Brandon and Ricky are quite good but Eddie isn’t good.  
Match 1: Eddie was in goal and we won 2-1 after going 1-0 down 
Match 2: I went in goal for this game and we won 1-0 we scored right at the end 
Match 3: Ricky went in goal for this game and we lost 1-0 we just couldn’t score  
Match 4: Tom went in goal this game and we was against James’ team we drew 2-2 I scored this game and the ball went through the Joes legs and in. 
Match 5: This was the last game and Alfie went in goal we won 1-0 
That was the best PE lessons I have had this term, mainly because it was football and I was in a good team. When your in a team that doesn’t do well it can be frustrating and then you start to think that the lessons are boring. But because my team was doing well I didn’t think that the lesson was a boring lesson. After that we had lunch and me and James went out to the chicken shop for lunch and then we came back for the last lesson of the day. Which was geography that was just learning about population and where in the world is the most populated. It was just a normal Geography lesson really but it interests me and I enjoy the lesson because I sit next to my mates as well, so its my favorite lesson after PE. 
 After school I went home to an empty house so I got out of my school uniform and put on a pair of tracksuit bottoms and my England top. I waited for my sister Izzy to get home who arrived home ten minutes later after getting the bus behind me. we then went down to my sisters primary school to pick her up. 
 It is always hard to find my sister because the teachers come out to the playground with the children and let them go after seeing the person picking them up. After getting her we went back home which was only a ten minute trip on the bus stop. When I got home I made the dinner 
for my sisters and I it was only spaghetti hoops and toast that’s all I can cook really. I can cook other things but nothing that’s to hard. After that it was about 5 o’clock and mum arrived home from work.  
I then went over to the astro pitches over Warwick and meet up with James, Alfie and Antony (we call him ‘Ant’). we then played football games.

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moral debate

What makes a man a man? I believe what makes a man is that they have come from another person, not that if they have three arms, three legs, six fingers and six toes. It doesn’t matter what you have on the outside it’s what happens on the inside, because some people have problems with them that you can’t see, because its in their mind inside of them. So just, because you have another leg, an extra finger or an extra toe it doesn’t mean your different. Just because you look different it doesn’t mean you are, you could be more different if you have something different with you on the inside, out of sight and that’s not a blasphemy?
I believe god has made us and if he has made us he would of this blasphemy’s and if he done this to some people he would of done it purposely. People say the world would be different or boring if everybody was the same. So if you have some unique people in the world it wouldn’t be as boring as if there wasn’t unique people.

People that look normal aren’t always normal as they might of had a serious injury and their brain might not function properly. They might not be able to walk, speak or hear but doesn’t that make you a blasphemy. You could be born like this as well and just because when your a baby this isn’t noticed it means your not a blasphemy .

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Romeo and Juliet essay on how Baz Luhrmann keep the spirit of the Elizabethan theater alive in his film interpretation

Baz Luhrmann done many things to keep the spirit of Elizabethan theater alive the film interpretation such as:

  • the language used is the old language that was used in the Elizabethan era
  • the scenery like on the beach there was a stage just like there would be in the theater
  • everybody was very passionate about their religion where as now people are apart of a religion but they wouldn’t pray all the time
  • the soliloquy when you go theater people speak to them self aloud so people know what there thinking where as in films that don’t normally happen

i think in some ways the film was better than when you read the script because it gives you visual aids to help you understand the story more and i think it was interpreted quite well. on the other hand there is always a down side to having to do the film than the script some time’s your imagination can make the book a much better story because you can see the image better in your head because it looks real. see when you make the film you have to use affects so that wouldn’t come out as well as it would as if it was in your head.

the language that was used in the film was the same that was in the original script so that would give you the Elizabethan era feeling to the film and when you have it from the original script you know that is William Shakespeare’s  work where as if you just rewrite the script for the play it wouldn’t be William Shakespeare work it would be baz luhrmann’s work and in my opinion I think William Shakespeare’s work has a different vibe to it than other films or plays have I think this because of the language in it most other older plays wouldn’t have the Elizabethan language in it now a days because most people can’t understand it as we’ll they wouldn’t go an see the play or film where as I think William Shakespeare who had made many play so people that was what was in theatres and his shows got into pretty famous theatres just like the globe theatre and thats why people know him so well him much better so when people say and there is not that much interpretations to be need when you have seen many successful Romeo and Juliet films. But original isn’t good enough as a writer you want your work to be a piece of art to stand out amongst the rest of the films yours has to be the best. And to be the best you need to think deeper into the play and figure out what are you going to do and to do that you need to interpret the film extra and I think he done that well just like when there was the scene when mercutio dies, William Shakespeare wanted his plays to be dramatic so baz luhrmann took it a step further and put the scene on the beach on a sunny day and everybody turns up just after Romeo and Juliet get married and mercutio and tybolt are arguing and Romeo starts trying to stop the fight and befriending tybolt and that sort of winds mercutio up a little bit more and tybolt and mercutio begin to fight and mercutio dies then a storm rises over the beach and the dramatic irony builds up and you suspect something is going to happen then when tybolt die he lands in a little pond where there is a statue of Jesus in it so it is interpreting that god is going to for give you but I think it gives it a good seen and just like when William Shakespeare has to do the plays on the stage when mercutio die there is a stage in the back ground and that is sort of say this is William Shakespeare’s play not mine.

The scenery that was used in the film by baz luhrmann was very clever I extremely like the way the stage was used on the beach it was just like you was at the theatre watching a play because at 1 point mercutio was on the stage and it would be exactly the same as if you was at the theatre and a lot of people would like that because it is giving an old feeling to the story and the language is doing the same so that is a good interpretation in my book.
The sky when you watch the film and there is the wedding of Romeo and Juliet the sun is out and it’s a really nice day where as when Romeo leaves Juliet and goes to see his friends (e.g mercutio and others)and then tybolt and some other Capulets turn up and the sky all of a sudden it clouds over and it begins to pour down and there’s thunder and lighting so the scenery is going to build up the tension and give a funny feeling that something is going to happen.

I like the way that baz luhrmann interpreted the religion because in the 1590’s every body was very religious and they would wear rosaries and have crosses positions and holy water. It was nothing thing people could moan about, every body had to be apart of the religion and no one wouldn’t it won’t like now when there are many different religions and some people just aren’t religious and that wouldn’t be accepted by people in the 1590’s.
so when baz luhrmann made the film he had to take that in to concept

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Metaphor Activity

Your task is to identify the metaphor present in the following excerpt and then write a paragraph that explains the metaphor and its effect on the meaning of the passage it is embedded in.


I fear, too early: for my mind misgives
Some consequence yet hanging in the stars
Shall bitterly begin his fearful date
With this night’s revels and expire the term
Of a despised life closed in my breast
By some vile forfeit of untimely death.
But He, that hath the steerage of my course,
Direct my sail! On, lusty gentlemen.

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This is Your Online Domain

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Hello and welcome to your personal online journal.

This platform has been created to enhance and enrich your learning at the London Nautical School. Its purpose is to provide you with an audience for your work (or work-in-progress) and you have the choice (by altering the ‘visibility’ of your posts) of whether your work on here is visible to the world, or only to your teacher.

Anything you post here in the public domain represents you and thus it’s important that you take care with that decision, but don’t be afraid to publish your work – as the feedback you may get from people at home, your peers and people from around the internet is only likely to enhance it.

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